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The Gaelic etymology of O’Sullivan is murky, but I indulge in the interpretation of “hawk-eyed” (Wikipedia et al).  I do a better job of living up to the name when I look at the world through the lens of geography. Good mapping is expansive in scope but mindful of details – like a bird with sharp vision.

The information age we live in is exciting, no doubt, but also overwhelming. Mapping is a powerful tool to help clear those murky waters: visually communicating patterns that can otherwise be difficult to understand. The intent of the Hawk Eye blog is to explore disparate datasets and rework them into delectable tidbits. Unless otherwise noted, all maps/charts/graphs posted here are the work of yours truly.


About Me: I’m Katie O’Sullivan.  I have a background in urban planning and work on transportation demand management in Buffalo, NY on the project Go Buffalo Niagara. Though my interests are all over the map(!), I was attracted to this work for two reasons:  the importance of understanding the world around us in order to improve it, and my knack/patience/tolerance for pouring over details to find answers.

When not mapping, I like to spend my time in the vegetable garden, experimenting in the kitchen, wandering around cities on foot and bike, and winning at boggle. I consume large quantities of books, podcasts, and chocolate chip baked goods.


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